My AuroraYoga – Ambassador Program

Introducing the My AuroraYoga Ambassador Program

At My AuroraYoga, we believe that Yoga is for everyone; no matter your age, gender, size or yoga experience. Even in the online world, we want to connect, by bringing yoga from Aurora’s living room to your living room. It is here, were we want to build our yoga community; one living room at the time!

So what is a My AuroraYoga Ambassador program about?

Our ambassadors are yogi’s that love to share the message of YOUR individual yoga with as many people as possible. Ambassadors, just like our teachers, love to inspire others to listen to what your body is telling you, on and off the mat.

The perks of being an My AuroraYoga Ambassador:

    • Ambassadors are allowed to share yoga with others, by giving away FREE 7-Day Trial passes (up to 15 passes a year) to yogi’s who haven’t joined My AuroraYoga before.
    • Ambassadors get a 10% discount on all products, memberships & courses (on top of any existing discounts).

How to qualify for the My AuroraYoga Ambassador program:

    • You have been a member of My AuroraYoga for at least 6 Months (in total);
    • You love to share the power of Yoga with others! Either through your socials (Instagram, Facebook, blog etc.) or within your own community of friends.

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