Healthy University @ Home

Staying balanced instead of busy, while working / studying at home

The Corona regulations have had an inmense effect on how we work, socialise & relax. Teaching both (online) classes at Leiden University (both law related, as well as yoga related), I’ve noticed that a lot of students and staff members, myself included, can find it hard to relax. Our work and private life seem to have merged together into the same physical space.

How can you stay healthy, both physically as well as mentally, in order to create that healthy life/work or life/study balance?

The amazing initiative Healthy University @ Home (of Leiden University) has created a lot of tips and tricks to care both for mental, as well as physical wellbeing of its staff and students. In the little 10 minute video below, I share with you my tips & tricks to release physical tension behind your desk (so, for example when you are working or studying and need a little break), using three different (yoga inspired) poses. I will also show you a breathing exercise to help you to slow down and check in with yourself.

My main tip to keep your mind balanced instead of busy, is to 1) be strict about the times that you are working/ studying, and the times you take to relax and unwind (so for example working / studying during the day and relaxing in the evening and weekends). Try to keep your relaxation & working time as separate as possible; this will help you to fully release and start fresh the next day again. Tip number 2) take little 5-10 minute breaks during the day to “check-in” with yourself. How are you doing? How does your body feel? How is your head doing? During these check-in moments you can either take a short walk, make a cup of tea or coffee or just sit, close your eyes, and breath.

Need some inspiration? Check out the video below!



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