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What is MyAuroraYoga?

MyAuroraYoga is an online Yoga Studio, that offers different kinds of pre-recorded Yoga classes. These yoga classes are for everyone and anyone who wants to explore the benefits of yoga from the comfort of their own home. We know life can get busy and you can’t always find the time to go to a yogastudio or gym to practice. The online yoga studio MyAuroraYoga contains over 200+ yoga practices ranging from less than 15 minutes to a full hour. 

We are here to help you build that new habit of de-stressing through yoga, even if you don’t have a lot of time!

For whom is MyAuroraYoga?

online yoga studio myaurorayoga

The classes in the Yoga on Demand Catalogue of MyAuroraYoga, are designed to suit beginners as well as advanced yogi’s. During every practice, different options of the poses are being offered, so you can choose which option suits you best! Listening to your body & what your body needs in that moment, are two of the core principles we believe in at MyAuroraYoga!

Let’s explore your yoga together!

What kind of yoga practices does MyAuroraYoga offer?

MyAuroraYoga offers a lot of different yoga practices. Check out the Yoga Styles overview here , to see which styles are included in the Yoga on Demand catalogue within our online yoga studio. 

Most practices are being taught by Aurora, the lead teacher. However, every now and then, she invites other guest teachers to share their expertise with the MyAuroraYoga members.

How do I get access to the Online Yoga Studio?

In order to get access to the Yoga on Demand Catalogue (which contains all our pre-recorded practices), you will need a membership (the MyAuroraYoga Subscription). Are you a new member? Then you will get the first 7 days for Free automatically. If you cancel within 7 days, you will not be charged for a membership after the trial period (of 7 days) ends. You can find more information about the MyAuroraYoga Subscription here.

Try out your first class right now ⇟⇟  

A quick 15 minute stretch, with a guest appearance from Duke, our Yoga-cat 🐈️⁠

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