Yoga Back to Basics

Yoga Back to Basics


Have you secretly been curious about what yoga can do for your body? We’ve got your back! In the course Yoga Back to Basics we’re going to talk about just that. The course is taught by our experienced yogateachers and is fully focused on the physical postures that we use during our yoga practices. The course aims to answer the questions: What can asana do for your body, how to modify them for your personal needs and what kind of variations do the selected postures have? By using an extra pair of eyes and keeping the group size relatively small there’s more time, space and knowledge to go deeper into the selected asana (physically and in terms of knowledge) than in a regular yogaclass. Feel free to come and satisfy your curiosity during this course and explore the world of asana together!

Course overview

Week 1: Introduction & lotus variations

Week 2: Mountain pose & standing forward fold

Week 3: High plank & low plank

Week 4: Cobra & upward facing dog

Week 5: Downward facing dog

Week 6: Sun salutation A & breathing

Week 7: Classical sun salutation

Current offerings of the Yoga Back to Basics Course:


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Location: USC Leiden

Day: Saturday

Dates: March 5th – April 23rd (2022)  

Note: April 23rd is a back-up date in case of schedule changes.

Time: 13:00h – 14:00h

About your Teacher(s)

Aurora de Leeuw

A graduate from Leiden University, Aurora combines her academic interests with practicing & teaching Yoga. With over 2000 hours of teaching experience & specialisations in different “forms” of Yoga (from vinyasa to (restorative) yin & prenatal yoga), Aurora loves to explore the world of Yoga together with you!

“Yoga is different for everyone and for every body. Let’s explore, play & discover your yoga together!”

More about Aurora..

Lisa van Driel

Around eight years ago I decided to try a yoga class, not knowing it would change my life. After a short time I noticed my body and my mind becoming healthier and it helped me tremendously through difficult times. I decided back then that I really want to share this gift of yoga. So that’s exactly what I did!

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Note: this course will sometimes be taught by both Aurora & Lisa (together) and other times by Aurora alone.

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