Restorative Yin & Sound

Restorative Yin & Sound


In this course we take relaxation to the next level. During eight weeks, we will travel through our body, finding the places where tension resides and practicing with restorative yin postures to help to let go of this tension. Restorative yin, as the name implies, is a softer, more therapeutic form of yin, which is focussed on healing and restoring our body. In this course, Aurora will teach you different poses that you cannot only enjoy during class, but also take home to practice yourself. Using pillows, bolsters, blocks and blankets, you will be able to find that deep relaxation within yourself.

Every week, we will end the class with a soft, restorative sound bath, in which Aurora will guide you into a deep savasana using the healing power of sound (by using crystal singing bowls, wind chimes, alloy singing bowls and ocean drums). Making this practice a full Restorative Yin & Sound practice.

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About your Teacher

Aurora de Leeuw

A graduate from Leiden University, Aurora combines her academic interests with practicing & teaching Yoga. With over 2000 hours of teaching experience & specialisations in different “forms” of Yoga (from vinyasa to (restorative) yin & prenatal yoga), Aurora loves to explore the world of Yoga together with you!

“Yoga is different for everyone and for every body. Let’s explore, play & discover your yoga together!”

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Extra content for Course Participants

Feet & Legs

Legs & Hips

Hips & Lower Back

Lower- & Upper Back

Arms & Shoulders

Upper body & Neck

Twists & Sidebends

Whole body practice

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