Stress Relief Workshop Series

Stress Relief Workshop Series


You might have heard the phrase: “if you are feeling stressed, you should go to yoga”. But in what way can yoga actually help with (alleviating the symptoms of) stress? In this workshop series, we are going back to the roots of “stress”. Starting in the first week with asking the question what stress actually is & means (for you). From there on out, we will travel through the biological & physiological theory about stress, diving into the question if a happy nervous system really equals a happy you (short answer: yes.). 
Every week will have both a theoretical as well as an practical part of the class: putting the theory into practice immediately! In this way, you will get familiar with how the theoretical part of the course, can be recognised and implemented in daily life. Using different yoga, meditation & breathing techniques, you will gain new tools every week, that you can use whenever you feel stress coming up or when you feel already stressed out.
At the end of the course, you will have learned the following:
– What stress is;
– How our nervous system reacts to stress, and what this means for our overall state of wellbeing;
– How you can recognise “physical” stress in the body;
– Tools that can help you to cope with stress, if you are feeling overwhelmed;
– Tools that can help you to prevent stress form building up;
– The link between stress & anxiety;
– Understanding the concept of biofeedback.

Course overview

Week 1: What is Stress? – Definition, causes & symptoms.
Week 2: Happy Nervous System, Happy You: a small dive into the anatomy of our nervous system
Week 3: Happy Nervous System, Happy You: a small dive into the anatomy of our nervous system [part 2]
Week 4: Biofeedback: what it is & what it can do for you
Week 5: Recognising (Physical) Stress – the breath, the brain, the muscles.
Week 6: No more negative Stress – finishing the course together.

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About your Teacher

Aurora de Leeuw

A graduate from Leiden University, Aurora combines her academic interests with practicing & teaching Yoga. With over 2000 hours of teaching experience & specialisations in different “forms” of Yoga (from vinyasa to (restorative) yin & prenatal yoga), Aurora loves to explore the world of Yoga together with you!

“Yoga is different for everyone and for every body. Let’s explore, play & discover your yoga together!”

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